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All anxiety and excitement will now dry up as Microsoft has finally announced the launch of its new OS, Windows 8. The much awaited operating system would be unveiled on October 26, 2012 almost three years after the launch of Windows 7.

The latest in the Windows series, the new OS would be available from the releasing date onwards for the users of Windows XP, Vista, or 7 as upgradable software. The company would also let the PC makers start selling computers with Windows 8 the same day.

As an upgrade, the OS costs $ 40, much lesser compared to all the previous versions launched by Microsoft. Users who bought Windows 7 PC on or after June 2 can upgrade the OS for $ 15.

The new, touch-friendly Windows 8, as the company claims, would revamp the entire series with its hallmark features. It is designed to run on tablets in addition to the traditional desktops.

Microsoft will also be launching Windows RT, the version exclusively designed to run on tablets alone, along with Windows 8. RT would run on those tablets that are powered by processors similar to that of iPad.

Moreover, Microsoft Corp plans to release its own tablet “Surface”, which would support Windows RT OS. The company has launched the new version of Office and has planned for renewed phone software. It also looks forward for new versions of Windows OS in every three years.


For people who want to run all the applications under one roof- the web, Mozilla is building a new platform, exclusively based on the industry standard HTML5.

Mozilla will release the first open web device in association with Telefonica, the third largest carrier in the world.

The product will be based on Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko project, which focuses on making HTML5 as the standard platform for mobile devices.

“In a joint press conference, Telefonica revealed their intention to work with us to deliver the very first open Web devices in 2012. These devices, architected entirely on the Web and built based on an HTML5 stack with powerful Web APIs will mean significant advances in speed and cost reduction for mobile devices in the future,” Mozilla said in a post.

Many other companies including Deutsche Telekom, Adobe and Qualcomm are supporting Mozilla in building the open web platform. The company will also preview the open web apps and Mozilla marketplace this week, which will enable the creation and distribution of applications powered by HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, the open web standards.

Google is currently the leading developer of open source mobile operating system, the Android. HP also recently announced its plans on releasing WebOS as an open source platform. But with it’s completely web based platform for mobile, Mozilla is planning to do something bigger than what it did to computer with its Firefox.

Wearing your Smartphone at your wrist sounds interesting, isn’t it?   “I’m Watch” from Italy has launched a smart looking Smartwatch at CES 2012 which runs on Android – 1.6, has music player, Twitter, Facebook and weather apps.  It also has access to an app store for additional functions and is compactable with your Smartphones through Bluetooth.

I’m Watch comes in a variety of models, ranging from aluminum to gold to carbon and has 1.54-inch display with the resolution of 240×240, 64 MB RAM and 4 GB ROM and a non-removable 600mAh battery providing a 2 hours back-up and 48 hours back-up in stand-by mode. The device connects your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth 2.1., so you can see who’s calling you in your watch screen.  It’s has also got a nice touch-screen interface due to which it is easy to move between apps.

To owe this tech luxury item you have to shed $299 for the basic model, for other fancy or gold version you have to pay a lot more. The product will be available in the U.S. market by this quarter. Its reach and price for Indian market is not declared yet.

Micromax has launched a new Android Smartphone, named Superfone Lite A75, with dual SIMs for 8,999. The A75 runs on Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread and has a 650 MHz processor. This dual SIM Android powered device from Micromax also comes with features like a 3.75 inch capacitive touchscreen, dual camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. It also features a 32 GB expandable memory.

The A75 comes preloaded with apps like Google Voice Search which enables you to perform various actions by speaking to the phone, live sending text messages, taking down notes, play music, access websites, and find directions to places. The phone also has a series of apps like SAAVN for users to listen to their favourite music using this online music store, Times of India online newspaper, and Netqin antivirus.

The phone offers a practically unlimited phonebook and SMS memory and comes with a 3.5 mm universal jack for the best music experience.

Myriad, a mobile technology company, announced new software Alien Dalvik that will allow Android applications to run on non-Android platforms.

With this, a much wider range of devices and platforms will be able to host Android applications, making it available for new audiences. The software can be installed without any user disruption. The users won’t have to restrict to the applications, OS of their device can hosts, and instead they will have the options of android applications on their devices as well.

Alien Dalvik is also likely to open up new revenue opportunities for mobile operators, OEMs and app store owners. They will have easy access to the Android applications and will be able to install them in varied range of device operating systems. It will allow android applications to run on platforms like MeeGo.

The software lets the application run unmodified and hence letting the app store owners and mobile operators to start their services just by repackaging Android Package (APK) files.

The software will be unveiled for the first time at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona.