Windows Phone Will Beat iPhone by 2015

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Apple, Mobile
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Microsoft’s Windows Phone will overtake the Apple’s iPhone and iPad in market shares by 2015, says a research firm iSuppli.

According to the iSuppli analysis, with the launch of Nokia Lumia 900 at CES 2012, Windows Phone will gain the smartphone market share by 16.7 percent. Nokia Lumia 900 will help Windows Phone to become popular and Nokia will regain the market share which it lost with Android device.

Nokia is not the only seller of Windows smartphone, Samsung, Sony and HTC are also there in this winning game. However, it is expected that Nokia will dominate the market with Windows Phone devices in 2012.

Currently the smartphone operating system market is dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. But iSuppli predicts that Windows Phone share will set a rise of 62 percent in 2013 which will rule out the dominance of Android and iOS.

This new partnership of Nokia and Microsoft is going to be a win-win situation for both the companies and customers. As Nokia will help in the growth of Windows Phone in market, it will also help other makers of Windows Phone device to have a better acceptance in minds of customers.

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