Recharge your Phone With a Spoon of Water

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Mobile, Next World
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“PowerTrekk” a new recharge system developed by Signa Chemistry along with Stockholm’s myFC produces electricity with a spoon of water which can be used to recharge your phone, GPS devices, iPod/mp3 or camera when you are far away from power outlets. This system doesn’t use sunlight; you just need a tablespoon of water to make it working. Unlike solar chargers PowerTrekk is light weight and generates power more quickly and reliably. More over it doesn’t need clear water, so you can use any type of water whether it is from a stream or a pool, hard water or soft water it really doesn’t matter.

PowerTrekk acts both as a portable battery pack and a fuel cell which makes it a 2-in-1 solution. This 2-in-1 portable charger is the first one to use Mobile-H2 technology (Mobile-H2 cartridge called a PowerPukk) in addition to a Li-ion battery pack. These PowerPukk fuel packs are offered in three forms; 5-pack Tube, 10-pack Tube and 24 ct Tray.

When the PowerPukk is placed inside the PowerTrekk and a tablespoon of water is added to the core part of PowerPukk, then the device’s Proton Exchange Membrane starts to convert the hydrogen into electricity. It can generate an output of 5V, 1000 mA and can store the power in its Li-ion battery if not used right away.

Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC says “PowerTrekk is one renewable solution where millions of phone users lack easy access to a reliable supply of electricity for charging, especially outdoors and with the PowerTrekk if the internal battery/buffer is full it will charge more than 2 smartphones or 15 iPods.”

The company Signa has major plans based on this system and is determined to see this system working in electric bikes and cars. The company also sees an opportunity in rural parts of the world where there is lack of power supply now and this system can be used as an alternative source. Future of this system seems quite bright as the whole world is trying to find alternatives for power sources along with go green motto.

PowerTrekk comes in three colors;green, red and yellow and is expected to reach the stores by May having a price range of $200 to $250 and the replacement tins (PowerPukk) will cost $4. We expect to see PowerTrekk soon in Indian and hopefully at an affordable price as it will be a boon to Indian villages, but for now the there is no information about its availability or cost in Indian market.

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