Apple tops the global Smartphone market

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Android, Apple, Mobile
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Apple has been placed first in the global Smartphone market in the second quarter. It has 18.5 percent of market share and has dispatched 20 million iPhones, declares a market research firm Strategy Analytics.

The Samsung Smartphones have a market share of 17.5 percent and has dispatched around 19.2 million Samsung Smartphones which is very closer to Apple’s market share. Nokia is at third place with the market share of 15.2 percent from 38.1 percent which was a year back and depicts a great downfall.

The crazes for Smartphone among people have made the companies to be ultra competitive in business. The Nokia has been experiencing a great downfall in market share as consumers prefer to have more classy OS those are manufactured by Apple and Google. This drop has lead to partnership of Nokia with Microsoft for windows OS in their devices.

The next version of iPhone is all set to come out in this September. The iPhones have been a smash hit among the consumers and the other reasons for the success is the wide and wise expansion into international markets. The Strategy Analytics pointing towards China and Asia is also a main source of strength for Apple.

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