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Singapore-based software applications developer U2opia Mobile has developed a new application for mobile phones that will allow them to access Facebook on all kind of handsets without paying for a data connection.

“We are using USSD technology, which will enable users to access Facebook without having a GPRS connection on their phones,” said Sumesh Menon, the co-founder and CEO of U2Opia Mobile.

Unstructured Supplementary Data (USSD) is the technology used by telecom players to send alerts to their users that inform them about their balance at the end of call or for sending miss call alerts.

Menon mentioned that though the technology will not provide access to graphics, it will help users send and view updates on their friends’ Facebook walls.

“It is like sms and hence, the load on the network is negligible. We have built some commands through which a user can receive alerts on activity happening on his wall as well post an update,” said Menon.

U2opia launched this application today with Indian telecom major Bharti Airtel.

While Airtel customers can update their Facebook status through this USSD service free of cost, Rs 1 per day will be applicable for accessing the full-feature application, which enables viewing news feeds, commenting on or liking news feed stories, posting on friends’ walls, confirming friend requests, viewing notifications and finding as well as adding friends.

“In the Indian market scenario, where the penetration of smart phones is relatively low and the use of internet on mobiles is primarily limited to key cities, many users are excluded from accessing their Facebook accounts via mobile phones,” said Shireesh Joshi, Bharti Airtel Director – Marketing, Mobile Services , in a statement.

Airtel users can dial *325# and *fbk# for non-qwerty mobile handsets to access Facebook without subscribing to data plans, the statement said.

“We look forward to bringing millions of Facebook users in India closer to their love for social networking by allowing them to access it anytime, anywhere on their Airtel-powered mobile phones,” Joshi added.


Have you ever come across a PaperPhone with features like that of a Smartphone?

A group of Researcher’s at the Queen’s university in Canada have come up with an unbelievable Smartphone.

The device which is a PaperPhone has the ability to bend. It also acts as a Smartphone.

This PaperPhone will make its public debut on May 10, 2011 at the Computer Human Interaction conference in Vancouver.

If you are irritated with the bulge in your pocket when you keep your phone, you need not worry anymore. This PaperPhone can easily bend itself and give the same size like that of your pocket.

The display of the phone is based on E Ink technology which is the same in e-readers like the Amazon Kindle and others. The display through E Ink makes the device easily flexible.

To operate the device one has to just press their thumb slightly downward and the device senses it. And managing the screen is just like flipping through the pages of a book.

This PaperPhone can do almost everything a Smartphone does. Like storing eBooks, keeping a list of contacts, playing music, and making calls.

The creator Roel Vertegaal believes that the device would be of great use because of its flexible features. Vertegaal told, “There have been only three display revolutions.’The first was CRT, the second was LCD, and the third is flexible displays. When I first got wind of them, I realized they were going to change everything.”

This device also has many advantages such as unbreakable, light weighted and easily hand held. This prototype alone costs $7,000-$10000 for production.