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Myriad, a mobile technology company, announced new software Alien Dalvik that will allow Android applications to run on non-Android platforms.

With this, a much wider range of devices and platforms will be able to host Android applications, making it available for new audiences. The software can be installed without any user disruption. The users won’t have to restrict to the applications, OS of their device can hosts, and instead they will have the options of android applications on their devices as well.

Alien Dalvik is also likely to open up new revenue opportunities for mobile operators, OEMs and app store owners. They will have easy access to the Android applications and will be able to install them in varied range of device operating systems. It will allow android applications to run on platforms like MeeGo.

The software lets the application run unmodified and hence letting the app store owners and mobile operators to start their services just by repackaging Android Package (APK) files.

The software will be unveiled for the first time at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona.