Honeycomb – Google’s sweet iPad killer attempt

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Google, Mobile
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Google’s cauldron seems to be quite fascinated with sweet products at present. After the release of Gingerbread, now, it’s Honeycomb, the tablet platform, an iteration of the Android operating system (v3.0). Whether it’s the Samsung Galaxy tab or the homegrown Adam from Notion Ink, the tablet market is heading on a quite furious note and Google definitely, couldn’t resist it too.

Ofcourse, as the company maintains, it will limit it’s foray to just the Android guru or the creator Andy Rubin gave the gadget freaks a glimse of Google’s tablet platform, ‘Honeycomb’ within the button-less Motorola prototype. The roughly 10-inch, Motorola device was sleek, black, thin and sported an Android interface.

The desktop appears to be redesigned with the extra screen space in mind, along with the new app grid. There was a very clean homepage, but the app page looked almost Apple iPad-like. When Rubin brought up the Gmail app, it resembled Gmail on iPad. It flaunted an NVidia dual core CPU. Rubin said that HoneyComb brings “new APIs that… allow an application to split its functionality to multiple views.

Apps will know when they’re on a tablet.” According to engadget, Rubin unveiled the platform during his talk at All Things D’s Dive Into Mobile conference, where he demoed the new software and hardware.

Honeycomb and Motorola tablet will release some time next year.

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