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Presenting the Pomegranate phone which was some great features like a Coffee Brewer and a Global Voice Translator.

It also has a Shaver, Harmonica and a Projector.

Although the phone looks attractive and looks a tad similar to the Moto Aura, its just a designers creation and you can’t buy one.

This campaign was created in 2008 and was part of a $300,000 ad campaign by NovaScotia

Although some aspects of the phone make us laugh today, tomorrow we might see some great new features on our phones.

For instance Projectors , Wireless Charging are actually going to go mainstream in the coming years and we have seen some samples already.

And for those who have already seen the video the phone , we agree this is quite old stuff so what do you think will be the feature to crave for in a smart phone in the coming years ?


Soon, we will be able to send an email using a mobile phone camera, thanks to the HP Labs in Bangalore, which is about to roll out a technology that would convert any mobile with a camera into an emailing device, reports KV Ramana from DNA.

DNA quotes Sudhir Dixit, Director of HP Labs India as saying “We are putting the technology to test. We plan to roll it out shortly.” The technology would use high-end image processing to faciliate this. “It is all about making effective use of a mobile phone and a piece of paper,” Dixit said.

With this technology, the user just have to photograph the text, including the e mail address of the recipient, written on a paper or any where with a camera mobile phone with the software application that HP Labs is planning to roll out. The application will process the email image, convert it into normal text mail and send it to the addressee.

“We find PC penetration and internet usage in India to be abysmally low. We found that people are also averse to using a keyboard and a mouse. They use paper everyday and the PC has not changed the way the paper is used. Local language content is also a key hurdle. There is not much content available in local language and for whatever is available, the keyboard is not very useful. But, at the same time, there are 600 million mobiles in India,” Dixit said. “Normally, people carry a piece of paper and a mobile phone in their pocket. Our task was to combine both. In this process, we have developed this email technology,” Dixit said.

HP Labs then started working on surmounting these hurdles and launched a project called ‘Big Bet’ in November last year. As a part of this, research teams at the lab have come out with eight technologies that would bridge the IT divide and make effective use of the devices users already own, apart from a PC.

The company has announced a technology dubbed as SiteonMobile, which has also been developed as part of the Big Bet project. This is aimed at making the internet content and services available to the masses even from low-end mobile phones without having to use a smartphone. This involves combining voice and SMS on low-end phones.