Now, software that can hire, pay employees

Posted: May 12, 2010 in Software
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An Australian website is using software algorithms that allow computers to automatically recruit, hire and pay employees to do a wide range of tasks. normally provides a forum for companies wanting to outsource their work, reports New Scientist.

For example, a program written for a store with a large inventory could automatically recruit salespeople to sell its products and send more work the way of people that do the best job. “Software can now simply post a job and hire one, three, or 500 humans; software can now literally assemble an army overnight to solve complex problems,” says Matt Barrie,’s CEO.

As the software is doing the commissioning and assessing the results, it avoids the need for a company to hire other people to rate the work that was done. Barrie said that there are enough programmers on the site’s books for it to be possible to write software that can even improve itself, by recruiting people to improve its own code.

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