MITR a new development in mobile platform

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Mobile

Mobile application developers are working day and night on developing applications on different platforms.  Some are developing on JAVA, some on blackberry, windows, iphone, symbian.  Even users are confused on which platform are supported by their handset and application that thay are going to download would it work on their mobile(handset).

A MITR which recently has been launched by ( is supporting most of the platform for Eg. – JAVA, symbian, windows, blackberry and they are working on rest of the platform hopefully they it will support rest of them in coming month.

Even they have developed some good application in which you could get Mobile chat, social networking sites, games, news and many more…

Java is the most popular platform around the world, but should not we move one more step ahead because apace in technology giving rise to new platforms everyday and this is raising the doubt on future of java enabled applications.

  1. Mobile User says:

    Java is everywhere but is slow. Hopefully the next generation of technology will be faster.

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