Now, Windows Mobile 7 may hit market in 2011

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Microsoft

There was rumor floating on the Internet that Windows Mobile 7 might be launched in the market sometime later this year, but Microsoft officials, as well as their partners don’t expect to see the new phone before 2011.

Representatives from Microsoft, as well as partners like HTC and NVIDIA, reportedly don’t expect to see the new phone OS until Mobile World Congress next year. Till now, it has not been disclosed that what the facts to delay the commonly accepted schedule are. The delay has also impacted on smartphone manufacturers who are now claimed to be switching handset production towards Android OS based phones while they wait for Microsoft.

This is not the first delay in the operating system’s history, so the rumor is at least plausible. Windows Mobile 7 was originally slated for debut in 2009, but various setbacks forced Microsoft to release version 6.5 instead.

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