How to Find the Location of Bulk SMS Sender

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Mobile

We all receive SMSes from various services we use, like banks, mobile phone vendors etc. You must have noticed that SMS from these institutions always have a specific format in place of the sender name. Its something like this,


For instance, I just received an SMS from HDFC bank, with the sender name as,


Ever wondered why is it so? This is to prevent you from the mobile phone spam from bulk SMS senders.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) recently made it mandatory for bulk unsolicited SMS senders to use these codes as sender name so that if any one of those institutions are doing something illegal, like sending SMS even when you have opted out, their location be traced easily.

How to Find the Location of Bulk SMS Sender?

All the information about the location of bulk SMS sender is hidden inside the first two characters of the code that appears as the sender’s name.

So, in XY-ServiceProvider,

X represents the code of the service provider.
Y stands for the location of the place from where the sms was sent.

Just look in the following tables to find out the location and the name of the service provider that sent you the SMS,

For example, we can easily determine that the SMS I received from AD-HDFCBANK was sent from Delhi using services from either Bharti Airtel Ltd. or Bharti Hexacon Ltd.


  1. Nakul Mehra says:

    But there are so many aggregators promoting these operators, how can you find out who is the actual sender? Like can you find out the IP Address or something?

  2. Raam Singh says:

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